Friday, December 11, 2009

Earth's Rotation Speed is 66,660 mph

MIAMI, FL - The Government of God, Ministerio Internacional Creciendo en Gracia, is honored to announce the Earth's rotation speed which has been confirmed to be 66, 660 mph - one more proof that even nature recognizes that God is on Earth and the number of His name is 666.

Since the Lord in His Second Coming would identify himself with the 666, the world is starting to witness this number surfacing everywhere as God has arrived and His name is Jose Luis De Jesus (666).

See the full article for full details on Earth's Rotation.


Speed of the Earth

How Fast Does the Earth Orbit the Sun and Rotate on its Axis?

By , Guide

The earth rotates on its axis once each day. Since the circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles, a spot on the equator rotates at approximately 1037.5646 miles per hour (1037.5646 times 24 equals 24,901.55) (1669.8 km/h).

At the North Pole (90 degrees north) and South Pole (90 degrees south), the speed is effectively zero since that spot rotates once in 24 hours, a very, very slow speed.

To determine the speed at any other latitude, simply multiply the cosine of the degree latitude times the speed of 1037.5646.

Thus, at 45 degrees north, the cosine is .7071068 so multiply .7071068 times 1037.5464 and the speed of the rotation is 733.65611 miles per hour (1180.7 km/h).

For other latitudes...

10° - 1021.7837 mph (1644.4 km/h)
20° - 974.9747 mph (1569.1 km/h)
30° - 898.54154 mph (1446.1 km/h)
40° - 794.80665 mph (1279.1 km/h)
50° - 666.92197 mph (1073.3 km/h)
60° - 518.7732 mph (834.9 km/h)
70° - 354.86177 mph (571.1 km/h)
80° - 180.16804 mph (289.95 km/h)

In addition to the rotational speed of the earth spinning on its axis, the earth is also speeding at about 66,660 miles per hour (107278.87 km/h) in its revolution around the sun once ever 365.2425 days.


Frankie Torres said...

I receive it!666 SSS


I describe LOVE as a Fundamental Force. The Force called Gravitation can account for Earth's Linear Velocity and elliptical orbit around the Sun. But, the Force of Gravitation cannot account for the motion exhibited by the living substance called cytoplasm or protoplasm which lives by displaying its living nature by motion. All Forces that operate in the Natural World are harmonized and are operated by the Fundamental Force called Love which can only account for the existence of Life on Earth which moves at a great speed while the living things including man have no direct sensory experience of that speed/velocity. Man can measure and describe the Speed of Earth but man has no awareness or conscious experience of that Speed. When we speak about God's Love, it describes God's Nature called LOVE and God is the Controller of this Fundamental Force of LOVE and hence has the ability to bestow Love.

Hayden H said...

Biblical Cosmology is true and the globe-solar system model is a Jesuit lie pushed as part of the counter-reformation to discredit the Bible. Earth is Flat, has a dome that holds the sun, moon and stars. Hard to believe? I bet but it's true, if you believe the Bible and repeatable evidence. In the documentary The Principle leading theoretical astrophysicist say what they believe in has been proven false by facts and PLANK'S 3 experiments that kept showing the same evidence. "Even the elect could be deceived." Earth is flat but you must do the research yourself to know the truth because many ministers have watered-down, twisted and poorly translated the Bible to fit what NASA says. I walk by faith and not by sight, do you?